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November 1, 2011

I have heard many sermons over the years. I have preached a few too and rarely do I feel inspired. Comforted, corrected, and instructed but not often inspired. This is changing. We are preaching through the Gospel of John at Grace Seattle and week after week, we have been given an intimate perspective into Jesus’ interactions with others. Time is slowed and we can hear and see, really hear and see, how Jesus is with people and it is inspiring.

I have sensed this more the last couple of weeks. Jesus, passing through Samaria, stops and risks his reputation. He converses with a Samaritan woman, an outcast. He tells her about life, her sin, and who he is. He’s not hurried nor concerned about what people think. He loves her enough to spend time with her.

Jesus then travels to Cana and heals an official’s son. Jesus loves the official, who was often overlooked and not seen as a person. Jesus takes him seriously. Yes, he challenges him but he does so for life’s sake. Jesus wants more for him.

During his early ministry, particularly in the stories mentioned above, Jesus did many things I can’t do. He looked at a woman and told her everything she had ever did. He healed a man’s son without even going to his house. These interactions, along with others, teach us how to live. They inspire us to live. To see people as human. To take time and love. To be patient. To not be hurried but to inconvenience ourselves for the sake of others. To offer life in Jesus.

I think it would have been great to see one of Jesus’ miracles. But I am beginning to think it would actually be more life-altering to witness one of his simple conversations.

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