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quiet time

October 18, 2011

I first heard of a “quiet time” while in college. The idea was to model Jesus’ practice of rising early to spend time with the Father by getting a few moments every day to read the Bible and pray. The idea seemed good and so I set my alarm, went to bed, got up, and then had my first quiet time. It soon became a part of my daily routine.

It was a few years later that I heard someone criticize the practice. They believed it caused more guilt than encouragement and understandably so. The danger of any daily practice, particularly a Christian practice, is that it becomes an end instead of a means. For me, I had started treating it as good luck charm. Things would go my way if I read and prayed that day. If I had been particularly faithful over a long period to time, a self-righteous posture took shape and if I hadn’t been faithful, that meant I was a bad Christian. Because of this, I (and I am sure others) gave up on the practice.

Regardless of your or my history with the quiet time, the idea is good. It is good to pray and read the Bible. It is good to be reminded of who we are and who God is. It is good to simply talk to God or to ask him for things. It is good to be reminded that in Jesus you are forgiven, loved and cherished.

So, what’s my point? Some months ago I was told about The Mission of Saint Clare. They sponsor this website. Each day there are psalms, readings, a confession and much more. Essentially, it provides a structure to worship. I find it helpful and so wanted to pass it along to you because, as I said, it is good to reminded of some things.



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