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October 5, 2011

My son is two years old. He is staring to exert his independence and is constantly discovering new ways of expressing himself. He wants to put his shoes on. He wants to scream. He wants to put himself in his car seat. He wants to pour his own cereal into the bowl and, unfortunately, he wants to hit me with his fist whenever he wants.

A couple of days ago, he was on a hitting rampage. I didn’t know how to stop him. I tried everything. We got through the day but it was difficult. After he went to bed and was sleeping for while, I went into his room. He looked so innocent and, well, nice. As I looked at him, eyes closed and so calm, I was reminded of the following video, specifically the clip found at 34-50 seconds.

Parenting has taught me a bunch of things. One of which is that kids are people. Sounds strange I know. But my son is person and he is developing his sense of self. It is rough process for all those involved but it is important process.

I want life to predictable without many complications. However, when you are dealing with a person, particularly a person who is discovering themselves, you will constantly be put into unpredictable situations and be surround by complicated circumstances. I think it is in those places that love must be present. To love well means to allow others to discover themselves and to endure all the mess that comes with it. To love well means to allow people to change. To love well means to inconvenience oneself for the sake of the other. Of course, I am to help shape my son but I am to do so in love.

This sort of love, of course, has and continues to be demonstrated by Jesus. To the say the least, he was inconvenienced at the cross and continues to be as we expert our independence. But, because he loves, he sticks with us and endures the mess. I am thankful for that.

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  1. Bob Montgomery permalink
    October 21, 2011 7:22 pm

    Sweet music!

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