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a church for seattle

September 8, 2011

Our vision is bigger than our congregation. Our dream isn’t to create a nice, safe, cozy place for ourselves. Instead, we want to be a church that is for Seattle.

Among other things, this means that we want people who do not know Jesus to come to know Him. This means evangelism has to be happening.

This fall, we are doing two things to help make that happen.

First, this Sunday we are beginning a year-long congregational immersion in the Gospel of John. John wrote his gospel so that people who don’t know Jesus would come to know him (see John 20:30-31). This will be a fantastic year to bring you non-Christian friends to church with you as we explore Jesus together.

Second, many of us struggle with how to talk about the gospel with our non-Christian friends. We don’t want to be “That guy” and alienate people. But we’re often at a loss about how to speak about Jesus faithfully and well. More often than not, we keep silent.

To help with this struggle, I have invited Jerram Barrs to come and help equip us to faithfully and winsomely share the good news of the gospel. Jerram has been instrumental in my own life in helping me get through my own evangelism barriers. He will be here November 18-20 for a Friday night/Saturday morning evangelism seminar (childcare provided). He will also be preaching at Grace on Sunday morning, November 20th. You will benefit from coming.

In closing, here’s what I want all of us in this congregation to do this year.

1) Pray for our non-Christian friends (if you don’t have any, pray that you would get some). Pray that God would give us opportunities to tell them about the gospel. Also, pray that God would give us boldness to walk through the doors He opens. Pray that God would create faith and draw people to Himself.

2) Invite your non-Christian friends to church. For an entire year, we’re going to be wrestling with Jesus and what it means to follow him. This will be a great time to bring folks to church.

Does this sound risky and daunting? Absolutely. But I think it could also be glorious.

May God bless our efforts.

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