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psalm 16

August 26, 2011

All around us, from every magazine on the rack, there is the same cry: Go Ahead, Get Better, Go Ahead, Get Better. Work harder. Learn more. Catch the trends. Buy the latest gadgets. Build the latest environment. Master the right activities. Inside you is the Ideal You waiting to be born.

David Brooks

Walker Percy once asked if it is possible to miss your life in the same way one misses a plane.

We all know this feeling.

We muddle through life a gnawing but unshakable sense that something isn’t quite right. We know that we should be experiencing life more profoundly than we do. We know all too well the feeling of being on the outside of some door. On the inside of that door is the life we would like to live. But here we are on the other side, not knowing what to do.

We have all kinds of schemes for getting to the other side. We upgrade our bodies, change zip codes, change churches, change jobs, get more interesting friends and travel to exotic places. But nothing quite gets us through that door.

The simple reality is this: we were created for God. And it is only a life of loving Him above all else that will satisfy us. This is the “Ideal You” that longs to be born.

This week, we are focusing our worship on Psalm 16, which describes this life and how to get there.

I hope to worship with you.

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