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psalm 11

July 23, 2011

The ferocious parts of the Psalms serve as a reminder that there is in the world such a thing as wickedness and hatred of God.

            C.S. Lewis

In her recent article in the Atlantic Monthly, “How to Land Your Kid in Therapy”, Lori Gottlieb laments the current parenting tendency to shield children from most or all negative experiences (note: the article is worth reading, but there is some crude language). We don’t want our children to suffer through the difficulty of low self-esteem or skinned knees, so we structure their lives to all but eliminate such things.

Speaking from her experience as a mom and a therapist, however, Gottlieb concludes that this approach is not helpful. When we do this, we are merely insulating our children against the truth—the truth about them and the world.

The Psalms take the opposite approach. God has given us the Psalms not to escape the harsh realities of life. Instead, in his goodness, God has given them to us to face the difficult realities of ourselves, our world and our lives. The Psalms help shape us to live faithfully in the world we actually inhabit in the lives we actually live.

This week, we are focusing our worship on Psalm 11.

I hope to worship with you.


PS Psalm 11 is a doozy. In preparation for Sunday, I would encourage you to check out this link.

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